Those most successful in this Cannabis Industry understand that networking is the key to success. With that in mind, we have developed these four simple steps that nearly any determined 420 friendly women can follow and have the eligibility to generate extra income from and then teach to their Promoters.

No Sales, Just Referrals!

Now, you might think you have to sell something, but it’s more of a referral system, less to remember, less to talk about by providing you more time to network while our Stoner Chick Marketing Team handles the rest.

Also, if you have a personal favorite Cannabis Brand that you’d like to see featured, you can generate commissions from our Ad Revenue by referring them to view our multiple avenues of advertising with our Media Kit.

1. Enroll as a Brand Promoter

Start with your own Independent Brand Representative Start-Up Pack to have all the tools necessary to become a Brand Promoter instantly. You will receive your very own custom 15% off discounted Promotional Code, an Eligibility to earn Weekly & Monthly Commissions from our Rewards Program + Compensation Plan, (3) Promotional Stoner Chick Apparel Shirts and (25) business cards/flyers.

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2. Get Qualified

To earn bonuses and commissions, you are required to be a Qualified Brand Promoter. Once you're Qualified, you will also receive an instant $50 Online Store credit to enjoy towards our Stoner Chick Apparel. Qualified means you have referred your Promotional Code, and it's used a minimum of 5 times for Online Customer Orders.

3. Refer 2 friends

When you have referred two personal friends to enroll into our Rewards Program + Compensation Plan to join your team, you will also receive an additional $100 Online Store Credit and promoted to an Executive Brand Promoter.

4. Enroll 4 Promoters & Help Them Complete All 4 Steps

Begin to grow your team, drive sales, and increase commissions by sharing the Stoner Chick Brand Opportunity with others and helping them through each of these four steps. Also, to advance in the SCBO Rewards Program + Compensation Plan and take advantage of all the earning possibilities, you will want to have 4 or more Qualified Brand Promoters in your team to earn Team Commissions, which means even more income from simple referrals.

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